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One of the most common things we hear from tree owners when they call us is that something is wrong with their tree. We get it all the time: “What are those bugs on my tree?” “Why are there so many holes in my tree’s leaves?” “My tree looks sick.” “The bark on my tree is coming off.” Other issues may be that some of the leaves are discolored, a branch has died, or perhaps the entire tree has been dropping leaves when it is “not supposed to”. Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times the problem is more complex—with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years. Unfortunately, there are instances in which the problem has gone undetected for so long that the tree cannot be helped, and the only option is removal.


Plant Health Care

Presto’s Plant Health Care program utilizes state-of-the-art approaches to tree and shrub care, from roots to shoots. Our program consists of scheduled diagnostic inspections that enable us to detect and treat problems before they damage plants.

After each inspection we provide a comprehensive report of our findings and treat each landscape as necessary for harmful insects and diseases. We always suggest and implement solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Targeted Insect and
Disease Treatments

We start resolving your problem by sending an expert to visit your site. After an accurate diagnosis, we then custom design an insect and disease treatment program to fit the health needs of your trees (including fruit trees) and shrubs. This scientific approach eliminates unnecessary treatments by targeting only the pest-susceptible plants. By targeting only pest susceptible plants for treatment, we protect the health of your plants and the environment.


Tree & Shrub Care

Presto’s tree & shrub care program keeps your landscape green and healthy by controlling insects and disease throughout the year. The program includes balanced root zone fertilization for lush foliage and dormant oil protection against insects.

Our professionally trained tree and shrub service personnel are experts in the care of your landscape. We treat each shrub or tree individually with proper products to keep it healthy while controlling pests. We also take into consideration the surrounding landscape and how an individual tree or shrub is affected.

Alternative Treatments

There are many alternatives to tree spraying including no treatment at all. Various forms of trunk injection, soil injection and trunk banding are available to control many insect pests and tree diseases. Insect Growth Regulators can be an effective way to prevent the growth and development of insect pests. Biological controls such as beneficial insects, nematodes, pheromone traps and sticky cards are all methods to manage disease and pest problems. Many other solutions are available as we continue to pursue alternative methods of disease and pest management to help the environment and maintain a vigorous urban forest.


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