Actisol Treatments

Actisol Treatments

Got a severe German cockroach infestation in your home?

We go where others don’t go with deep harborage treatment using actisol. Why does this matter? Because these are places cockroaches and other pests love to hide. It is also where conventional methods of treatment fail. Going where others won’t or can’t go means quicker elimination of high populations and faster control of these disgusting pests. Our actisol machine releases a fog-like substance enabling us to penetrate all cracks and crevices, void areas of all equipment, baseboards, tiles, walls, and areas that are inaccessible with liquid. This is to ensure we find the source of the infestation.

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Roaches are one of the most common pests that create a real menace in homes. Not only do they damage items but also spread diseases. It is really important to control them quickly because their population rises fast from a single female to an entire infestation.

It is best to hire a professional pest control service to eliminate the whole population of roaches in the house at once. Our professionals at Presto use various effective methods to treat the infestation in your property including the use of various insecticides. One of the most popular is the Actisol treatment for roaches.

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